Our consulting services offer clients with intelligence and insights on unexplored and under-researched areas that help stakeholders take well-informed business and investment decisions.



Our bespoke consulting services marries the challenges of cost, time, scope
and data availability to generate actionable outcomes that are
specific to our clients’ needs.

Over a decade Marmore has successfully navigated this space of consultancy services to serve its clients and cater to their unique requirements.  

Our Consulting services spans asset management, capital markets, banking & financial services, Financial & valuation, SME and business intelligence consultancy.

Our breadth of coverage and deep dive research capabilities enables us to be preferred partners. Our experienced team is adept in data validation and conduct channel checks.

Our vast experience and regional presence enables us to better understand the nuances and offer apt solutions that works for institutions.


Case Studies


  • Case Study 1: Creating collaterals for content marketing

    Scope of Work

    A leading venture capital firm based out of Saudi Arabia was looking to cement its position as a thought leader and increase its communicative value through content marketing. It required illustrative content in Arabic, to better connect with its audience.


    Marmore created an infographic-based, aesthetically-pleasing thematic research collateral for the client’s content marketing. The collateral included an overview of the sector of interest and focused on highlighting the global and the regional trends in the sector. Marmore provided the deliverables in Arabic, enhancing the value-add.


    Marmore’s collaterals helped the client to widen its audience base by improving the connect with them and was also able to strengthen its stakeholder communication.

  • Case Study 2: Strategic Competitor Analysis Report for a Bank

    Scope of Work

    The Strategic department of a bank needed periodic intelligence on its competitors from different perspectives such as financial performance, banking focus, product/service offerings, digital readiness and existing infrastructure.


    Marmore developed a quarterly report that captures and compares the financial performance, new product/service launches, target customers, digital initiatives, physical infrastructure, digital infrastructure and segmental/geographic focus of the client against its competitors.


    The report was very well received by the top management of the client. Marmore got into an agreement with the client to replicate the report on a quarterly basis.

  • Case Study 3: PESTLE Analysis

    Scope of Work

    A multi-national strategic communications firm intended to perform PESTLE analysis as part of its marketing and communication strategy for their client.


    Marmore completed a comprehensive PESTLE analysis in a short time, incorporating the latest macro and industry-level data points and trends.


    The analysis was well-received by the stakeholders and it was followed by subsequent assignment awards to Marmore by the client.

  • Case Study 4: A Valuation Study

    Scope of Work

    A private sector player in the investment banking space required Marmore to prepare an independent valuation report of an unlisted company in the energy sector. It also engaged Marmore to update the report on a quarterly basis.


    Marmore developed the valuation report based on thorough secondary research and the assistance of an independent researcher to obtain industry level metrics to conduct the valuation. Two prominent methodologies in the form of Sum of the Parts and Trading Comparable were employed to conduct the valuation review.


    The valuation report enabled the client to understand the position of the company vis-à-vis its peers in the industry and the quarterly reports enabled the client to check the direction the company is going in.


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