We conduct specialized research for clients who have specific requirements. Our solution based approach provides insights that helps key stakeholders to take appropriate business and trade decisions.


  • Research – A constant requirement!
  • Research – A constant requirement!

    • In a fast paced world, it is important to stay abreast of latest developments, as effective business decisions needs to be supported with appropriate research.
    • Your exclusive requirements needs focused attention as not all problems have the same solutions.
  • Solutions – To suit your unique requirements

    • Our decade long experience in the GCC region, a very experienced and qualified research team ensures optimum solutions for the problem statement.
    • We take pride in addressing challenging tasks and are committed to outputs, timelines, and communication. This ensures that our clients get the best of the solutions.
  • Solutions – To suit your unique requirements
  • Impact – Long term engagements
  • Impact – Long term engagements

    • Our quality of research and engagement has ensured our track record of longstanding relationships with our clients, many of whom have been engaging us as their sole research provider.
    • While our clients focus on their core business, we help them with their routine and adhoc requirements.

Over a decade Marmore has successfully navigated this space of customized research to serve its clients and cater to their unique requirements.  

Our customized research support spans sector research, equity and credit investment notes, modelling, valuation, investment screening, periodical etc.

We offer clients with intelligence and insights on unexplored and under-researched areas that help stakeholders take well-informed business and investment decisions.

Our offerings marries the challenges of cost, time, scope & data availability to generate actionable outcomes that are specific to our clients’ needs.


Case Studies


  • Case Study 1: Economic and Thematic Research Support

    Scope of Work

    A leading Bank, set up its new economic research desk, for which it needed support for creating very insightful reports in the Economic domain.


    Marmore identified economic themes and highlighted challenges within it and suggested possible solutions. Marmore was able to provide very insightful report in the committed timeline to the client.


    The report was very well received by various stakeholders. Marmore’s effort in creation of the first report resulted in subsequent report awards by the client. Marmore got into a long term agreement with the client to provide research support on a continuous basis.

  • Case Study 2: White Labelled Research

    Scope of Work

    A leading Venture Capital firm wanted to establish itself as a thought leader in Saudi Arabia for which it needed theme based white labelled research on various subjects.


    Marmore prepared a series of very comprehensive reports and adhered to the exact requirements of the client. Marmore prepared the research reports in a timely manner and ensured best quality of work.


    The client received very positive feedback for the reports and engaged Marmore on an annual basis for subsequent white labelled reports on a regular frequency.

  • Case Study 3: CEO Support Desk

    Scope of Work

    Often a top management executive like CEOs are pressed for time. They adhere to a very busy schedule, which makes their requirements time sensitive. Moreover their requirements could range from a simple data extraction to writing a strategic or thematic report.


    Marmore supports the CEO desk with timely and reliable research. Our flexible pricing model allows top executives to pay as per use. Our services include: Data extraction and compilation in a meaningful way, preparing presentations and reports, thought pieces, strategic notes, conference and events discussion pointers.


    Many of our clients have found our services to be extremely useful and have engaged us on a regular basis. The key executives are able to meet tight deadline deliverable and focus on their core business, while we take care of other adhoc requirements.

  • Case Study 4: A Valuation Study

    Scope of Work

    A private sector player in the investment banking space required Marmore to prepare an independent valuation report of an unlisted company in the energy sector. It also engaged Marmore to update the report on a quarterly basis.


    Marmore developed the valuation report based on thorough secondary research and the assistance of an independent researcher to obtain industry level metrics to conduct the valuation. Two prominent methodologies in the form of Sum of the Parts and Trading Comparable were employed to conduct the valuation review.


    The valuation report enabled the client to understand the position of the company vis-à-vis its peers in the industry and the quarterly reports enabled the client to check the direction the company is going in.


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