Marmore Bulletin

August 29, 2019
H2 2019 Issue
  1. 5G Implications for GCC Business

    Explore the 5G readiness of GCC countries in terms of infrastructure and policy as well as the technology’s potential to disrupt

    businesses in the region...

    The GCC Banking Merger frenzy

    Stop, Look and Go?

    High profile Mergers and Acquisitions were not a common sight in the GCC Banking industry until now...

    Crowdfunding in the GCC

    an alternate source of funding

    Explore the emergence of crowdfunding in the GCC region, various platforms, their functions, services and the regulatory mechanisms that are in place...

    Consulting in GCC

    Understanding the Value Add

    Explore the dynamics of GCC asset management industry in terms of industry size, architecture, market segments, and cost structure...

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April 23, 2016
Q1, 2016 Issue
  1. Foreword

    2015 MENA Market Review

    Oil Slide and budget cuts pull down Markets

    Featured Interview: Lamees Taqi Al Baharna

    Chief Risk Office - Oman Arab Bank

    Research Highlights

    - GCC Healthcare

    - KSA Office Real Estate

    - GCC Liquidity Fall

    - GCC WACC

    GCC Market Regulatory Update

    MENA Data at a Glance

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July 23, 2016
Q2, 2016 Issue
  1. Foreword

    MENA Market Review

    Featured Interview: Sheikh Dr. Meshaal Jaber Al-Ahmed Al Sabah

    Director General - Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA)

    Research Highlights

    - Role of Private Equity

    - KSA Brokerage Industry

    - Kuwait Economic Themes

    Expert Opinion: Walid Mourad

    Portfolio Manager - Lazard Asset Management

    MENA Data at a Glance

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