March 15, 2018
Capital Market Reforms in GCC

  • Overview of Capital Market Developments in GCC
  • Saudi Arabia & Kuwait: A Closer Look
  • What would it imply for investors?

March 05, 2018
Fintech in the GCC region

  • Introduction on Fintech
  • What are the avenues for Fintech adoption in the GCC?
  • Growth drivers and Challenges for Fintech in the GCC

February 06, 2018
GCC Economic Themes & Capital Market Outlook for 2018

  • Key economic themes that would shape up the outlook for GCC countries in 2018.
  • Review of capital market performance during 2017.
  • Outlook for GCC stock & debt market in 2018.

January 17, 2018
Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Bubble?

  • Blockchain - How it works?
  • How does one mine bitcoins, buy or sell it?
  • Are bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in a bubble?

March 30, 2017
Blockchain – Current and potential applications in the GCC region

  • How Blockchain is disrupting traditional payment systems
  • Global banks’s interest in the technology
  • Scope of Blockchain applications in the GCC context

August 18, 2016
GCC Industry Margins – Winners and Laggards

  • Understand which sectors earn the highest and lowest margins in the GCC
  • How the margins have changed over the years
  • Key factors influencing the margins