February 24 2018

H2, 2017 Issue


H1 2017, Market Review

– MENA Markets slide along with oil

– Qatar Crisis: The Unfolding Geopolitical Dynamics of the GCC

Featured Interview: Ms. Mona Al-Daas

Assistant Undersecretary for Statistical Affairs Sector, Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau (CSB)

SME Startup Stories in GCC

A striking feature of success in most of these companies profiled is the endeavor to customize products or services for users….

Bitcoin To Blockchain

The traditional payment model ropes in a third party, trusted by everybody, to be involved in a transaction. Blockchain puts that model to a test by eliminating the centralized system and replacing it with a system that is widely distributed and secured by cryptography…

Saudi Petrochemicals

Petrochemicals have been one of the major focus areas of the Government of Saudi Arabia in the past few decades for several reasons…

The 3 Areas AI will Impact GCC

Given the reach of disruptive potential and the reach of AI, it could arrive at GCC shores before long…

Book Review: Rise of the Robots, By Martin Ford

One of the obvious implications of a potential intelligence explosion is that there would be an overwhelming first-mover advantage. In other words, whoever gets there first will be effectively uncatchable.


July 24 2017

H1, 2017 Issue



Marmore Roundup 2016

M R Raghu,

Managing Director, Marmore MENA Intelligence

Outlook 2017

GCC Stock & Debt Market

Research Highlights

– GCC Corporate Earnings

– The What of VAT

– 30 Most Valuable Non-Banking Companies in GCC

Book Review

The Innovators

Marmore Chart Pack


October 24 2016

Q3, 2016 Issue



Why Low Oil Price is Good News for Expats…

M R Raghu,

Managing Director, Marmore MENA Intelligence

Quarterly MENA Market Review:

MENA Market mixed post-Brexit, as oil stabilizes around $50/barrel

Saudi Aramco IPO:

Managing the Big Float

Marmore Research Highlights on:

– GCC Sovereign Debt Issuances – $260 – $400 billion through 2020

– Kuwait Projects: KWD 10bn Awarded – Where is the trickle-down effect

– GCC Regulatory Digest – H1 2016


July 23 2016

Q2, 2016 Issue



MENA Market Review

Featured Interview: Sheikh Dr. Meshaal Jaber Al-Ahmed Al Sabah

Director General – Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA)

Research Highlights

– Role of Private Equity

– KSA Brokerage Industry

– Kuwait Economic Themes

Expert Opinion: Walid Mourad

Portfolio Manager – Lazard Asset Management

MENA Data at a Glance