We are at the brink of another internet evolution, where currency is decentralized via cryptocurrency and borders are porous in metaverse, technology is perpetually advancing, and the early adopters of new technology are more often than not rewarded..

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In a fast paced world, it is important to stay abreast of latest developments, as effective business decisions needs to be supported with appropriate research.



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Metaverse-A Global Opportunity For GCC- Marmore Research Report

In the technology world, the answer to the question “What next?” is Metaverse. However, people struggle to understand the term. Very simply put, Metaverse enables hybrid living and working. It is a combination of hardware & Software capabilities to offer a 3D visual experience to clients and users. “I define the Metaverse as a massively skilled in interoperable network of real time rendered 3D virtual worlds, which can be experienced persistently and synchronously by effectively unlimited number of users with an individual sense of presence. What's really important to understand is that it is more of a description, than a definition. Metaverse is essentially a parallel plane of existence, a persistent virtual world that affords us most of the things that we can do in the real world”- Matthew Ball, CEO of Epyllion

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