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A Rainy Day in Kuwait: Flash Floods (Bilingual)

December 23 , 2018

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Executive Summary

Two year rain falling in 3 days
Kuwait typically receives an average annual rainfall of 118millimeters (mm); however, over a span of three days (November 13-16) it received more than 245mm of rain, breaking the 1997 record. The unprecedented quantum of rain brought Kuwait to a standstill causing widespread distress and exposed the frail state of Kuwait infrastructure.

Kuwait receives rain with the beginning of the winter season from November until the spring season in April, known as the sarayat season. In the recent past, the annual rainfall received has been around 110 to 190mm. The rain volume is limited and varies throughout the season. The average rainfall in the month of November has stood at 18.8mm. The rains received during those three days were approximately thirteen times (13x) higher than the historic monthly average leading to severe deluge.

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