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Bahrain raises USD2 billion with first dollar bond issue since bailout

October 17 , 2019

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Executive Summary

For the first time in about a year after securing the bailout package Bahrain has tapped into the international bond market by selling USD2bn worth of bonds in a two-part deal.

- USD 1 billion Sukuk due 2027 at a yield of 4.5% versus initial price thoughts of between 4.875% and 5%
- USD 1 billion Conventional bonds due 2031 at a yield of 5.625% versus indicative price range of 5.875% to 6%

This event assumes significance, as earlier in March 2018, the government canceled plans to go ahead with the issuance of conventional bonds as it found the pricing demands of some investors to be very costly. Investors were concerned about the mounting public debt level and the impact of rising U.S. interest rates on its debt.

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