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GCC Automobile Sector

June 10 , 2020

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Executive Summary

What is this report about?
GCC Automobile Sector Report examines the prospects, issues and challenges for the automobile sector in GCC as well as each of its member countries over the next five years. The reports provides an insight to the COVID-19 impact, factors responsible for the auto slump witnessed in the past few years in the GCC and the main growth drivers that influence the outlook for the future. Effect of developments like the gradual decline in gasoline price subsidy being implemented by the GCC governments, the impact of modern age developments like shared mobility option of ridesharing and ride hailing offered by companies like Careem and Uber, transformation of women's rights by Saudi government by allowing women to drive automobiles and expected impact of climate control goals and technological progress that are leading to shift in automobile demand towards electric vehicles are presented in detail. The report analyses the supplies being made to GCC by the different countries and gives market shares of major international brands.

Who will benefit and why?
The report is expected to benefit various stakeholders in the GCC automobile industry as they will be impacted by COVID-19 and changes in demand for automobiles gasoline fueled as well as electrical versions. Automobile dealers will find it useful to know the sales volume they can plan to achieve in the future and the trends in demand from different countries of origin. The auto repair and maintenance players may find the report useful to plan the capacity and its utilization of their facilities. The spare parts suppliers may benefit in planning their stocking requirements for different brands of automobiles and taking into account composition of imports from different countries of supply. Auto insurance providers and Auto finance companies can benefit in their framing of Business Plans for this segment. The car rental companies might find the customer preferences in the report useful in planning their fleet mix considering the trends in countries of origin and shares of international brands which reflect customer preferences. Moreover, any investor seeking valuable insights into GCC automobile market could benefit from the report.

How exhaustive is this report?
The report covers gasoline fueled vehicles as well as Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the regional markets, explains the technological, economic, demographic , regulatory and social reasons behind the historical slump in the industry, quantifies the future positive push to automobile demand from the ban lifted on women driving in Saudi Arabia which is the largest GCC automobile market, and the negative effects of ride sharing and ride hailing as well as gasoline price hikes that are expected to continue into the future. It also covers the impact of COVID-19 on the sector. The historical quantity of automobile imports and re-exports from each of the major countries and the market shares of major international automobile brands in the GCC are presented. The total automobile demand for the GCC as well as for each of its member countries over next five years are provided in the report. For electric vehicles it explains what are the drivers in the evolution of industry, current levels of product prices and energy efficiencies, country-wise information of the expected levels of EV penetrations in the GCC, comparative information of global EV demand growth in the past and that expected for the future, key features of the EVs from a performance and cost perspective, and GCC country wise demand estimates for next 5 years.


Key Questions Addressed

  • What is the outlook for GCC Automobile Sector over next 5 years?
  • What factors are responsible for the auto slump witnessed in recent years in the GCC?
  • What are the major challenges to the demand growth in GCC and what is their impact on demand?
  • Which are the major exporters to GCC, their volumes and market shares of major brands ?
  • For Electric vehicles what are prices , mileage and other operating features of EVs currently ?
  • What are the expected demand volumes for automobiles and the EVs segment in the future?

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Overview of GCC Automobile Market
  • Growth Drivers for GCC Passenger Vehicle Market
  • Technological Trends Impacting the Sector
  • Ride Sharing Impact on GCC Automobile Market
  • Expected Changes and Growth of Automobile Demand in GCC
  • GCC - Country Wise Automobile Market Profiles
  • Key Challenges Facing the Industry
  • Appendix

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