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GCC High Margin Industries

August 03 , 2016

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Executive Summary

What is this report about?
Corporate earnings for GCC companies have been disappointing as they continue to face headwinds from plummeting oil prices. Corporate profits and net margins, at an aggregate level, conceal a broad divergence of trends among various sectors. Net margins in few sectors have been resilient while others have been on the decline. On the other hand, we also have sectors that have bucked the trend and successfully expanded their margins as well. In this report, we have analysed the net profit margins in the past five years at the aggregate level across industries and identified factors, both internal and external, that tend to affect net profit margins.

Who will benefit and why?
The report will help industry consultants, investment managers and financial analysts to understand the broad trends in profit margins over the past five year period. Factors which drive margins, their sustainability and value creation have also been discussed.

How exhaustive is this report?
We have discussed the profit margins for all listed companies in GCC stock exchange over the past five year period (2011 to 2015). Margins have been segregated and analysed by sectors, countries and market capitalization. Apart from detailed discussions pertaining to profit margins, we have also discussed if profitable operations has created value for its shareholders


Key Questions Addressed

  • How have the industry profit margins been over the years in GCC?
  • What factors influence margins for GCC listed companies?
  • Which sectors and countries have fared well?
  • Have profit margins translated into wealth creation?

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • The Winners & Losers
  • Margins by Market Capitalization
  • Sector-wise Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix

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