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GCC Petrochemicals

March 27 , 2013

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Executive Summary

GCC petrochemicals companies are amongst the lowest cost manufacturers in the world owing to cheap feedstock and energy costs. Given their strategic location and development as a major transportation hub, GCC petrochemicals producers enjoy a huge competitive advantage over others. Over the next few years, GCC countries will strive hard to prove their dominance in the petrochemical sector in an effort to diversify their economies away from Oil & Gas revenues. Development of large scale petrochemical complexes will serve the dual purpose of diversification as well as employment generation.

_In this report we provide several metrics for GCC petrochemicals industry which includes historical trend and forecast of the GCC petrochemicals capacity, price movement of key petrochemical commodities, details of top ethylene producing countries and top global ethylene producers and value of GCC petrochemicals projects at different stages. The country profile sections for each GCC country apart from giving an overview of petrochemical industry also provides details of major petrochemical projects under execution for that country. The company profile section gives rich details of some major GCC petrochemicals companies in terms of stock performance, major shareholders, recent developments & updates, production capacities and important financial & risk metrics.


Who prepared this report?
Experienced and qualified team of Marmore Mena Intelligence has prepared this report. Since its inception, Marmore has published over 1000 research reports and covered more than 25 varied industries and policy segments; all focused primarily on the GCC economies.

How exhaustive is this report?
The report spans 64 pages

Do you have updates?
No. This is a one off report.

Can I only download certain sections of the report?
No. The report can be downloaded in full length only

Can we ask questions?
Yes, by all means. You can write your queries to us at

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • GCC Petrochemical Industry - Key Differentiating Factors
  • Key Challenges
  • Petrochemical Products
  • Expansion Plans
  • The Way Forward
Appendix 1: Petrochemical Industry Process cycle Appendix 2: Glossary Appendix 3: GCC Petrochemical Companies - Snapshot Appendix 4: GCC Petrochemical Companies - Stock Performance – Annualized Returns Appendix 5: Saudi Arabian Petrochemical Companies Appendix 6: Qatar Petrochemical Companies Appendix 7: UAE Petrochemical Companies Appendix 8: Kuwait Petrochemical Companies Appendix 9: Oman Petrochemical Companies Appendix 10: Bahrain Petrochemical Companies

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