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GCC Restaurant Tech

October, 2019

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Executive Summary

Restaurant tech is defined as set of innovative technologies that improve the restaurant business and the experience for customers.
It has become common for consumers to expect digital access, personalization, loyalty tracking and no-touch transactions when they shop, travel and handle their finances. . In recent times, customers have the same expectations for their dining experiences as well.

Over the past decade, customers' no more rely on newspaper reviews or search phone numbers when making reservations or ordering deliveries from restaurants. This, increasing number of tech savvy customers is the primary driving force for technological innovation in the restaurant industry.

For certain companies, innovation is integral to their day to day functioning. It starts right from the company hiring process and extends to customer-facing technology. With competition becoming more intense, the restaurant industry is transforming over the past few years. Restaurants that best understand their customers, capitalize on digital technology and analytics, and utilize the opportunity to engage customers in a highly personalized manner, manage to survive and win in the race. If done effectively, the winners can increase the dining frequency, amount of the bill, and customer loyalty.


Who prepared this report?
Experienced and qualified team of Marmore Mena Intelligence has prepared this report. Since its inception, Marmore has published over 1000 research reports and covered more than 25 varied industries and policy segments; all focused primarily on the GCC economies.

How exhaustive is this report?
The report spans 17 pages

Do you have updates?
No. This is a one off report. However, if required, upon specific request we could provide you with an update.

Can I only download certain sections of the report?
No. The report can be downloaded in full length only

Can we ask questions?
Yes, by all means. You can write your queries to us at

Key Questions Addressed

  • As customers give more importance to experience and comfort, how are restaurants responding?
  • What are the key trends adopted by restaurants and who are the key players in GCC Restaurant tech space?

Add Value To

  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Delivery platforms
  • Food Vertical Accelerators/ Incubators
  • Restaurant management platforms
  • Technology companies and startups
  • Investors
  • Internet service providers
  • Regulators and government agencies

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Deal Volume and Activity for Restaurant and Food Technology Startups
  • Major Trends in Restaurant Tech
  • Segments in Restaurants Impacted by Technology
  • Restaurant Tech Market Cap
  • Restaurant Tech in GCC
  • GCC Online Food Delivery Market Estimations
  • Innovation to cater to the changing consumer mindset
  • Conclusion

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