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GCC Retail

July 12 , 2016

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Executive Summary

What is this report about?
GCC countries have been constantly striving to diversify their economy away from being solely dependent on the oil & gas industry. In this sense, the retail industry has proven to be a prudent and effective choice. The GCC consumer market is composed of two distinct categories, the growing nationals and increasing expatriates (especially in UAE & Qatar). Higher per capita income and younger demographic profile of the nationals has a positive implication for the demand of high value luxury goods and electronics goods, while the working expatriate population supports the surging demand for consumer goods. In this report, we have analyzed the GCC retail sector, the growth opportunities, the impact of the rising e-commerce retail segment, and the growth of retail space across the region.

Who will benefit and why?
The report adds value to retail players and mall operators in the GCC, and those that wish to invest in the retail sector, including private equity players. In addition, the section on retail opportunities would benefit international retailers, franchisee operators and entrepreneurs.

How exhaustive is this report?
We have analyzed the trends in GCC retail sector, including segment wise trends, and the impact of e-commerce growth on the traditional brick and mortar retailers. The report discusses the rising opportunities for international retailers and franchisee operators, and outlines the growth of retail space in the coming years. In addition, the report also discusses the growing luxury retail segment and the changing consumer behavior that will shape the industry in the future.


Key Questions Addressed

  • What are the factors driving the retail industry growth in the GCC?
  • What are the trends in the GCC retail industry?
  • What are the various segments of the GCC retail industry?
  • Why are international retailers flocking to the GCC?
  • What are the various retail formats that are common in the GCC?
  • What is the outlook for retail space in each of the GCC countries?
  • What have been the effects of online retail on traditional brick-and-mortar retailers?

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • GCC Retail Industry: Transforming & Growing Fast
  • Youthful Demographics & Rising Tourism Favor Growth
  • Retail sector to grow in-line with GDP growth
  • F&B segment dominates GCC retail industry
  • Retail growth expected despite increasing penetration of e-commerce
  • International retailers flocking to GCC; rising franchise opportunities
  • Retail space increasing across major cities in GCC
  • GCC a prime market for Luxury and Online retail
  • Keeping up with changing consumer behavior
  • GCC still a retail haven

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