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Global & GCC Capital Markets Review: June 2023

July 05 , 2023

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Executive Summary

A monthly publication that covers the performance of GCC and global Capital markets (Equity & Fixed Income)

Key Trends

  • GCC markets were positive, gaining 3.1% in June, with all equity indices except Qatar and Bahrain ending the month on a positive note.
  • Kuwait markets were up 3.4% in June, with the consumer staples sector gaining the most by 22.3%.
  • Developed market equities were positive for the month, led by the suspension of the US federal debt limit and the pause in the Fed's interest rate hike.
  • Oil prices were up by 3.1% for the month due to a higher-than-expected decline in U.S. crude storage, indicating an increase in U.S. demand.

Table of Content

  • Asset Class Monthly Performance
  • Equities - Kuwait
  • Equities - GCC Markets
  • Equities - Developed & Emerging Markets
  • Fixed Income -  GCC & Developed Markets
  • Oil Market
  • Cryptocurrencies

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