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Kuwait Online Food Delivery Sector

October 10 , 2022

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Executive Summary

Technological advancements exert immense influence on the consumption patterns across different sectors globally. This influence of technology on consumer behaviour got exacerbated in the last couple of years, due to restrictions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the government restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic got the global population to get used to working from home, inherently the consumption of services and leisure activities also got confined to home, which made the rigid consumption behaviour change rapidly.

The online food delivery sector got a major boost with this transition. Global food delivery sector blossomed in 2020, and middle east region was no different. Within the middle east region, food delivery sector in Saudi Arabia posted the highest growth rate of 173% in 2020 relative to 2019, other countries in the region also posted double digit growth rate in the same period, with Kuwait’s food delivery sector revenue increasing by 43% in the same period. While some trends are temporary, some tend to cause a change in the consumer pattern.

Key Discussion Points

  • Evolving Consumer Behaviour
  • Recent Trends in Kuwait
  • Online Food Delivery Market Player in the GCC
  • An insight into the world of Cloud Kitchens with Advantages and disadvantages
  • Macro Factors favouring Online Food Delivery and Cloud Kitchen’s growth

Did you know?

  • Online food delivery revenue in Kuwait is estimated to reach USD 848.4 million in 2022.
  • The market penetration of platform to customer delivery service within Kuwait more than doubled in the last 5 years, reaching 14.7% in 2021 from 6.8% in 2017.
  • Talabat was founded in 2004 as an e-commerce platform, but positions itself now as Kuwait's most famous online ordering apps.

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The future of cloud kitchen sector lies in the cross section of food-tech and digitalization within the Kuwaiti economy. Under the National Vision of New Kuwait 2035, supply chain enhancement and digital transformation are of key priorities that will further enhance the position of cloud kitchen and online food delivery platforms in the country.

Wide Coverage and In-depth Analysis: Our report provides insights on the online food delivery market, cloud kitchen landscape, the unit economics of these ventures and the way forward for food delivery platforms and cloud kitchens..

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Experienced and qualified team of Marmore MENA Intelligence has prepared this report. Since its inception, Marmore has published over 1000 research reports and covered more than 25 varied industries and policy segments; all focused primarily on the GCC economies.

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The report spans 13 pages

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No. This is a one off report.

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No. The report can be downloaded in full length only

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