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Kuwait Real Estate

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Executive Summary

There are many tailwinds today and four of them can have impact on the real estate market of Kuwait. After showing extraordinary strength during the last few years, oil prices started tumbling recently creating panic.

After a long period of low interest rates, the market expects Fed to start the interest rate rise soon which may impact many asset classes but more specially the real estate. Effect of implementing Basel III norms to real estate lending and usage of real estate assets as collateral, are expected to have an impact on the asset class. And finally, the geopolitical tailwinds in the Middle East region always induces additional risk premium.

In this report, we analyze the impact of these events for the Kuwait Real Estate market. The three key components of the real estate market in Kuwait include Residential, Investments and Commercial real estate properties. During 2013, residential real estate, also labeled as private housing, accounted for around half of the market (49 per cent) in terms of total value of the deals made, followed by investments (38 per cent) and commercial (11 per cent) sectors.


Who prepared this report?
Experienced and qualified team of Marmore MENA Intelligence has prepared this report. Since its inception, Marmore has published over 1000 research reports and covered more than 25 varied industries and policy segments; all focused primarily on the GCC economies.

Do you have updates?
No. This is a one off report. However, if required, upon specific request we could provide you with an update.

Can I only download certain sections of the report?
No. The report can be downloaded in full length only

Can we ask questions?
Yes, by all means. You can write your queries to us at enquiry@e-marmore.com

Key Questions Addressed

  • What are the various factors that could impact Kuwait real estate market?
  • How could Basel III implementations affect usage of real estate as collateral?
  • How could geopolitical risks affect real estate value

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Plunging oil prices
  • Hike in interest rates
  • Geopolitical tensions
  • Impact of BASEL III Norms
  • Real estate assets as collateral

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