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SME's in Kuwait: Data, Prospects and Challenges

August 17 , 2020

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Executive Summary

What is this report about?
SMEs are key to the economic development of a country as they play a significant role in creating employment opportunities, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. With diversification and private sector development on the policy agenda, fostering SMEs growth will be vital. The report analyses the role of small and medium enterprises in Kuwait economic development, its contribution to economic growth, evaluates the challenges faced by small and medium enterprises in Kuwait, and provide strategies that can facilitate its growth in the country.

Who will benefit and why?
The report will benefit anyone who seeks to understand the SMEs landscape in Kuwait. It includes government agencies, startups, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. This report would help these entities to gain an in-depth understanding on the small and medium enterprises in Kuwait, the business and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How exhaustive is this report?
The report provides the detail analysis of Kuwait SMEs contribution to the economy. Insights on the employees working in the sector, the proportion of the small businesses operating in and its contribution to the GDP are specified. We have also assessed the present business and entrepreneurial ecosystem, SME lending space, the various challenges faced by the Kuwait SMEs. With these evaluations few strategies to enhance SMEs growth in the country are recommended.


Key Questions Addressed

  • What is the contribution of SMEs to the Kuwait economy?
  • In which sectors Kuwait SMEs are predominant?
  • How can SMEs contribute to the sustainable long-term growth?
  • What are the challenges for SMEs advancement in Kuwait?
  • How could SME development be supported, what are the strategies that could be considered to facilitate its growth?

Table of Contents

  • Key Highlights
  • SME's: An Overview
  • Kuwait SME's landscape
  • Government's SME initiatives so far
  • Challenges to SMEs advancement in Kuwait
  • Economic impact of COVID-19 on Kuwait SMEs
  • Ways to alleviate the fallout and support SMEs growth
  • Appendix

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