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Qatar Power

July, 2014

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Executive Summary

Qatar is one of the few countries in the Gulf, where power generation has grown considerably in the last decade. To keep pace with the rising demand, Qatar doubled its total installed power capacity in a span of two years (2009-11). Qatar Power is expected to have sufficient capacity to meet peak demand till 2017. Though Little has been heard about the renewable and alternate source of energy in Qatar. Various viability tests and studies were conducted to test implementation of large scale solar and wind power projects in Qatar, none of which were fruitful.

 In this report, we provide an outline of the Qatar Power sector, the current operational set-up and the historical data indicating trends in generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. The report also discusses the laws and regulations governing the Qatar Power sector and the investments that are being made to meet the growing demand for power.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Global Scenario
  • Qatar ‚Äì Power Sector
  • Structural Setup
  • Law & Regulation
  • Project Financing
  • Key Learning, Threats & Challenges
  • Appendix
  • Statistics & References

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