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Qatar Water

March 04 , 2014

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Executive Summary

The Middle East is one of the most water-scarce regions in the world, where natural water resources are very low. But water consumption rates in the GCC region are very high. Qatar is one of the world's most "water-stressed” countries, with very low amount of available water per capita. Groundwater resources have been depleted greatly owing to uncontrolled consumption by agricultural sector. Desalination remains as the key source for domestic water. Desalination methods in Qatar are based done by plants that use out-dated technology that use oil as fuel. Qatar has realized this and has spurned initiatives that would help in overcoming the water challenge.

In this report, we examine and analyse the present status of Qatar's Water Sector, and highlight the demand and supply trends. We enumerate the investments and projects that are presently underway in Qatar's water sector, to sort out the water related problems of the country. We also look at investments that have been made in new technologies that help in water conservation as well as improving the agricultural yield.

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