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Saudi Arabia Roads & Railways

April 19 , 2016

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Executive Summary

Saudi Arabia being the largest nation in the GCC region has a well-developed road network. However, the massive increase in traffic, an outcome of the Kingdom`s industrial and agricultural development, has led to steady increase in road casualties. Thus it is imperative that Saudi Arabia roads are expanded and upgraded. In this endeavour, Saudi Arabia has increased its budgetary allocation for Road sector. While this being the case with roads, Saudi Railways sector is in the phase of massive expansion. Projects linking the mining ores to their processing centres, industrial clusters to ports, high speed rail interconnecting Jeddah, Makah and Medina and Riyadh metro to alleviate city traffic are in progress.

_Saudi Arabia Roads and Railways report lists out the road length by road type, road and vehicular density. The report analyses the trends in budgetary allocation and examines the investment being made. Growth in passenger traffic and cargo data have also been discussed. Saudi Arabia Roads and Railways report highlights on-going projects and discusses the finer nuances of all major road and railway projects that are being executed.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Saudi Arabia Road Sector
  • Saudi Arabia Railways Sector
  • Drivers for Saudi Arabian Roads and Railways
  • Challenges faced by Saudi Road and Railway sector
  • Key Players
  • Appendix

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