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Saudi Arabia Healthcare

August 24 , 2021

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Executive Summary

Healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia holds huge potential to be a game changer in the GCC region owing to its large population, high public healthcare expenditure to GDP ratio, encouraging new investments and enactment of new business friendly laws. This comprehensive report explores multiple dimensions of Saudi Arabia Healthcare - current healthcare infrastructure, opportunities in associated segments such as pharmaceuticals and health insurance, key growth drivers including measures undertaken on the COVID-19 front, technology adoption in the sector, regulatory aspects and challenges. The report also profiles key players in the sector.

Key Discussion Points

  • Current healthcare infrastructure and key sectoral attributes such as medical professionals' skills and patients' admission.
  • Market opportunities in associated segments such as pharma, medical equipment health insurance etc.
  • Factors that support healthcare sector's growth such as lower healthcare expenditure and growing population
  • Technology adoption in healthcare
  • Current projects and uptake of PPPs
  • Regulatory Bodies and Developments
  • Challenges such as skill gap
  • Profiles of Key Players
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Did you know?

  • Saudi Arabia ranks 39th in terms of efficiency of healthcare systems around the world.
  • Among the GCC nations, Saudi Arabia ranked first in terms of health expenditure as a percentage of GDP at 6.4 % in 2018.
  • The health insurance market accounted for 58.9% of total insurance market in Saudi Arabia in 2020.
  • KSA's pharma market is expected to grow at a 5% rate each year until 2025 to reach $10 Bn.
  • KSA healthcare spend per capita stands at 14% of that of U.S.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Healthcare Market Overview
  • Healthcare Infrastructure
  • Demography and lifestyle driving the demand
  • Overview of Health Insurance in Saudi Arabia
  • Pharmaceuticals Market in Saudi Arabia
  • Medical Equipment Market
  • Overview of Medical Professionals in Saudi Arabia
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Analysis
  • Healthcare and IT
  • On-Going projects in the healthcare
  • Public Private Partnerships in Healthcare
  • Regulatory bodies and recent developments
  • Challenges
  • Company Profiles
  • Appendix

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