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Saudi Ports

August, 2014

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Executive Summary

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is bordered by two major shipping lines: the Gulf, an extension of the Indian Ocean, is used mainly for exporting oil and gas; and the Red Sea, which links the Mediterranean Sea with the Indian Ocean through the Suez Canal. Hydrocarbon exports still account for over four-fifths of the total exports in the country. With the development of Economic Cities, Saudi attempts to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to diversify its economy. It is important for the kingdom to invest in port developments, which would enable it to increase its non-oil exports and attract more FDI through the Economic Cities, Free Trade Zones and Industrial Cities that are located adjacent to the ports.

_In this report, we have listed the current and future projects in the Seaport Sector, both in the GCC and KSA Ports. The report provides a brief on the major KSA ports, the expansion projects currently underway, and the analysis of port volume and trade, in the country.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • GCC Seaports
  • Saudi Arabia Seaport Sector
  • Saudi Arabia Ports
  • Appendix

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