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Shift to Electric Vehicles - How will it impact GCC Automobiles Sector

February 03 , 2020

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Executive Summary

1. What is this report about?
Marmore Electric Vehicles (EV) Report provides insights to the Electric Vehicles Market in the GCC Countries. The report analyses the factors that will drive the Electric Vehicles adoption in the region. It provides the international scenario for electric vehicles in the current and future context and draws similar parallels for the GCC region to assess the expected growth of EV in the region. It analyses the different growth drivers as well as challenges for EV market. Using information about the current size of demand for these vehicles in the GCC and using the strategic plans of global automobile manufacturers supplying to this region, and the demographic and economic measures, electric vehicle demand estimates are provided in the report.

2. Who will benefit and why?
The report is expected to benefit various stakeholders in the GCC automobile industry as they will be impacted by the shift in the automobile demand towards electric vehicles (EVs). Automobile dealers will find it useful to know the kind of volume sales this segment can potentially drive in the future. The auto repair and maintenance players may find the report useful to prepare themselves for EVs service market. The spare parts suppliers may benefit in planning their stocking of requirements for EV users. Auto insurance providers and Auto finance companies can benefit in their framing of Business Plans for this segment . The car rental companies might find the customer preferences in the report useful in planning their fleet mix. Moreover, any investor seeking valuable insights into GCC EV market could benefit from the report.

3. How exhaustive is this report?
The report covers EVs in the global and regional markets, technological improvements happening in the field, current levels of product prices and energy efficiencies, country-wise information of the expected levels of EV penetrations in the GCC , comparative information of global EV demand growth in the past and expected for the future, key features of the EVs from a performance and cost perspective, and GCC country wise demand estimates for next 5 years.

Key Questions Addressed

  • How is GCC faring in terms of EV adoption?
  • What factors are influencing GCC customers in the purchase of EVs?
  • What are the prices , mileage and other operating features of EVs currently?
  • What is the global experience and industry status with regard to EVs?
  • What are the expected demand volumes for EVs in the future?

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Electric Vehicles Market ‚Äì Impact Analysis
    1. Why Electric Vehicles over Gasoline fueled Automobiles
    2. Plans of International Vehicle Manufacturers for Electric Vehicles
    3. Electric Vehicle Purchases influenced by Gasoline Prices
    4. Global Electric Vehicles Market Share (2015-2040)
    5. Electric Vehicles Characteristics considered Important by Consumers
    6. Technological Advancement helping shift to Electric Vehicles
    7. Current Status of Electric Vehicles Shift in the GCC Markets
  • Demand Forecast for Electric Vehicles in GCC
    1. Demand Forecast for Electric Vehicles in Saudi Arabia
    2. Demand Forecast for Electric Vehicles in UAE
    3. Demand Forecast for Electric Vehicles in Kuwait
    4. Demand Forecast for Electric Vehicles in Qatar
    5. Demand Forecast for Electric Vehicles in Oman
    6. Demand Forecast for Electric Vehicles in Bahrain

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