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UAE Banking Sector 2018

May, 2018

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Executive Summary

What is this report about?
The UAE banking industry outlook report sheds light on the major developments that are taking place in the industry and how they will shape the outlook of the regional banking industry in 2018 and beyond. Some of the key topics that we have covered in detail include implementation of IFRS 9, merger and acquisition trends; impact of fintech, U.S fed rate hikes, non-performing loans and liquidity in the banking industry in UAE.

Who will benefit and why?
The report will benefit anyone tracking the banking sector, and many players involved in the sector; especially banks, regulators, FII and domestic investors. This report would help to gain an in-depth understanding about the profitability of banks and how it will be affected by various factors going forward in 2018.

How exhaustive is this report?
The report has covered key areas of interest such as implementation of IFRS 9, fintech, U.S fed rates and analyzed their impact on cost of borrowing, liquidity, M&A activities. We have also analyzed the bank profitability metrics such as NPLs ratio, cost to income, interest margins, return on equity, return on assets etc.


Who prepared this report?
Experienced and qualified team of Marmore Mena Intelligence has prepared this report. Since its inception, Marmore has published over 1000 research reports and covered more than 25 varied industries and policy segments; all focused primarily on the GCC economies.

How exhaustive is this report?
The report spans 26 pages

Can we ask questions?
Yes, by all means. You can write your queries to us at enquiry@e-marmore.com

Key Questions Addressed

  • What will be the impact of IFRS 9 implementation?
  • M&A outlook in banking industry.
  • Could Fintech disrupt UAE banking industry?
  • How will U.S fed rate hike impact banks profitability?
  • Wh

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Where will be the source of credit growth for Banks?
  • Liquidity in UAE Banks- Abundant as of now
  • NPL's for UAE Banks- Mostly in Control
  • U.S Fed Rate Hike- Largely Positive on UAE Banks
  • Impact of IFRS 9-Mostly Neutral
  • Fintech Disruption ‚Äì Proactive Response of UAE banks
  • M&A Outlook in UAE Banking Industry-Gaining Traction
  • Appendix

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