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UAE Power

July, 2014

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Executive Summary

Power sector in the Emirates has been rising in tandem with economic growth over the last decade. It is expected that the UAE will see a robust and rapid explosion of youthful population, in the coming years, in the form of both nationals and expats. This suggests that to meet the demands of this rapid growing population, the UAE power sector will have to grow eventually.

 In this report, we provide an outline of the UAE Power sector, the current operational set-up and the trends in generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.The report also discusses the laws and regulations governing the UAE Power sector and the investments that are being made to meet the growing demand for power. Furthermore, we look at the emerging trends, such as the commissioning of nuclear plants that will start generating power by 2017, to supplement the emirates' energy needs.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Global Scenario
  • United Arab Emirates ‚Äì Power Sector
  • Structural Setup
  • Law & Regulation
  • Project Financing
  • Key Learning
  • Threats & Challenges
  • Statistics & References

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