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When GCC Women Invest

February 27 , 2013

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Executive Summary

Fast forwarding from the first oil boom to the start of the new millennium, the GCC societal picture became more colourful as social dynamics evolved and GCC women became empowered. More women started entering the workforce and original wealth creators retired/passed away and in the process passed on their wealth to their next of kin. In the past, the eldest son was in charge of managing his father's legacy, however gradually this practice evolved. The idea of managing the legacy based on age and gender began to decline in popularity, ushering a new client base for money managers -GCC Women Investors.

In GCC women investor report we discuss several details for GCC women investors like country-wise break up of women control of GCC wealth, gender contribution to GCC wealth (2012 e), existing GCC high net worth wealth and expected creation till 2020, GCC wealth spilt between men/women at different points of time, adult literacy rate among GCC women vis-a-vis developed and emerging countries, GCC demographics (nationals) split up based on gender and GCC country-wise split of women above 30 as a percentage of total age group. The report includes a discussion on investment approach of women investors and their risk tolerance towards different asset classes.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Estimating GCC Women Wealth
  • GCC Women: The Demographic, Economic and Labor Market Link
  • The Gender Difference to investment approaches
  • Investment approaches for women investors
  • Appendix - Global Women Investors
  • Key issues impacting Global women investors

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