June 2010

The New Regulations for Kuwait Investment Sector

Policy Research Report

Pages : 16
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Executive Summary

Given the severe losses sustained by the investment sector in Kuwait, which dwarf those of other GCC nations, a move towards increased regulation of the sector has been expected for some time. The sector lost over USD 2 bn in 2009 following a monstrous loss of upwards of USD 3 bn in 2008, and continues to post an aggregate loss of over USD 100 mn in 1Q10 (an annual run rate of USD 400 mn). The losses are tied to impaired assets which companies have been writing-off in an attempt to restore some health to their balance sheets. Liquidity and over-leverage have also been an issue for the sector, whose assets are often comprised of difficult to value and illiquid investments which are then pledged as collateral against further borrowings.

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