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National Health Information Exchange Platform in Saudi Arabia

July 20 , 2022

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Executive Summary

In alignment with the ‘Vision-30’ Plan, Healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia is going through transformative changes with government implementing the ‘value-based care’ model to create a ‘people-centric’ ecosystem. The value-based care model needs a data-driven approach to deliver the best possible healthcare solution. The access to the medical data of the patients will be a key pillar for this model. The implementation of Health Information Exchange (HIE) system will create a central repository for the medical data of the population of the Kingdom. The government has appointed New Zealand based global software company Orion Health to build Health Information Exchange for the Kingdom. The availability of on time data will help medical professionals as well as patients to make better informed decisions and access to public data will allow government to make formulae polices accordingly. It will also enable use of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in healthcare sector.

Key Discussion Points

  • The need and criticality of Data sharing in a healthcare system Saudi
  • How will a Health Information Exchange improve the quality of healthcare in KSA?
  • Health Information Exchange implementation in Saudi Arabia
  • Key Learnings from HIE implementation in other countries
  • The way forward

Did you know?

  • Saudi Arabia’s HIE system will take data from 5000 government and private health institutions.
  • Saudi Arabia’s HIE will harness the data of 32 million people with a capacity to cover 50 million people.
  • According to Global Obesity Observatory, Obesity Risk Rating of KSA is 7 out of maximum 10 and 42.7% men and 32.7% women are overweight.
  • The Children Obesity Risk Rating is 7.5 out of 11.

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